20-Hour Practicum

20-Hour Practicum

20-Hour Practicum

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Teaching IELTS and TOEFL Preparation

This practicum is designed to provide you with the opportunity to put into practice the TESL theory and methodology from the course. During the practicum, you will observe, and be observed by, experienced language teachers and discuss classroom applications and the needs of various types of language learners.

The practicum consists of observing ESL classes, planning lessons, teaching in a supervised environment, self-reflective exercises, and receiving scheduled feedback and guidance on your teaching.


An additional 20 practicum hours added to your TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate

Program Length

20-hour practicum to be completed within one year of registration


Completion of the Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL certification course

Course Objective

By completing the Oxford Seminars 20-hour Practicum, you will:

  • Complete 10 hours of directed observations and 10 hours of supervised teaching practice;
  • Locate and organize suitable host schools, sponsor teachers, and language learners;
  • Document your supervised teaching practice hours using the Supervised Teaching Log, the Sponsor Teacher Supervised Teaching Report, and the Supervised Teaching Self-Evaluation Checklist;
  • Track your directed observation hours using the Directed Observation Log and Directed Observation Reports;
  • Act responsibly at all times throughout your directed observation and supervised teaching hours in accordance with the practicum conduct guidelines.

Recommended Background

This course is suitable for all graduates of Oxford Seminars’ TESL/TESOL/TEFL certification course.

Course Content

  • Finding a suitable host school and sponsor teacher;
  • Understanding the sponsor teacher requirements and submitting an approval form;
  • Completion and documentation of your 10 supervised teaching practice hours;
  • Completion of and tracking your 10 directed observation hours;
  • Submission of your Directed Observation Log, Directed Observation Reports, Supervised Teaching Log, Sponsor Teacher Supervised Teaching Reports, and lessons plans.

Course Evaluation

In this 20-hour practicum, you will complete the required directed observation hours, supervised teaching practice hours, and submit all required supporting documentation.

Employment Opportunities

Teachers who add the 20-hour practicum to their TESOL/TESL certification will observe ESL classes, plan lessons, teach in a supervised environment, complete self-reflective exercises, and receive scheduled feedback and guidance on their teaching. This practicum opens the door to teaching opportunities that require practicum teaching hours.


The 20-hour Practicum Specialization Module is affordably priced at $300 and includes all online course materials and instructor support, as well as the shipping and handling fees (within the US and Canada) associated with the mailing of the upgraded certificate awarded upon module completion.

To register for a specialization module, please call our offices toll free at 1-888-227-6755 (Toronto area: 647-932-6030; Vancouver area: 604-670-2870).