RSS Feed Instructions

Oxford Seminars' RSS Feeds

A Really Simple Syndication feed, or RSS, is a great way to gather, store, and share content from across the Internet.

We are currently providing an RSS feed to list our upcoming free Information Sessions. Offering this RSS feed allows us to provide you with our latest information, which will be sent automatically and can be reviewed at your leisure.

How Do I Use RSS Feeds

Those currently subscribing to other RSS feeds can add an Oxford Seminars RSS Feed URL to their default RSS Reader. Those without an up-to-date RSS Reader (a program which allows users to read an RSS feed) will need to download one. RSS Readers such as Sharp Reader, Feed Reader, and Thunderbird can be downloaded for free and used on various versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and other operating systems. 

Web application readers that don't require a download are also popular choices. An example is  Bloglines.

Listed below are RSS feeds currently available to our students. Simply click on the link, and copy and paste the URL into your RSS Reader.