Oxford Seminars Graduates' Stories From Life Abroad & Course Reviews
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Oxford Seminars Graduates' Stories From Life Abroad & Course Reviews

Read Oxford Seminars course reviews and find out all about their graduates' stories from teaching English and experiencing life abroad.


Teacher of the Year Enjoys China’s Pandas, Everest, and More!

- A.W., Halifax, NS

"Even for a seasoned traveller like myself, it’s always a scary thing to travel half-way around the world to begin anew. Fortunately, when I found myself in Chongqing, China, I was greeted with open arms and warm hotpot hearts. While I would argue that no amount of preparation can prepare you for becoming a first-time EAL teacher, Oxford Seminars gave me the foundation I needed to discover, explore and share my love for teaching. Along the way, I have made plenty of friends, all of us family in this home away from home...

From Friendly Daejeon to Captivating Yangzhou

- J.W., Calgary, AB

"After completing my TEFL with Oxford Seminars, my best friend and I decided to move to Daejeon, South Korea.  Oxford was there every step of the way and went to great lengths to find us a placement together. We were nervous, but ready for the adventure ahead. When I got to Korea I immediately fell in love-with my students, with life in Korea, and with the friendship and hospitality that greeted me around every corner.  I was shocked and amazed that I hadn’t done it sooner.  I even had the opportunity to travel to Japan on summer holiday, which was wonderful...

Starting a Teaching Career in Queretaro, Mexico

- L.M., Victoria, BC

"I arrived in Mexico in January.  A brand new year to commence a brand new life.  I traveled with my partner for three weeks, visiting Teotihuacan, Veracruz, Playa Chachalacaus, Antigua, Taxco, Xilitla, Jalpen and Mexico City before settling into Santiago de Queretaro.  

I was fortunate to find work here before leaving Canada, a rare gift I gather for those in the ESL profession in Latin America. Oxford staff went out of their way to connect me with a language school in Queretaro...

'Hanging' with the Locals

- R.A., Brampton, ON

"What to expect from Oxford Seminars? 1) A very down to earth and intense training course that is a lot of fun and educational. This course will definitely prepare you for teaching English as a Second Language. And 2) Excellent Job Search Advisors who will guide you step by step to find your perfect job. The recruitment process goes a lot smoother when you listen to your advisor. You are in good hands when you let them do their work. Oxford Seminars will arrange to have you get in contact with an overseas...

Exceptional Placement Service Throughout Job Search Process

- M.D., Fort McMurray, AB

"My experience with the Placement Service that Oxford Seminars has to offer has been nothing short of fantastic. When I first began to think about teaching ESL overseas, I was unsure as to how to go about searching and applying for jobs. One of the reasons why I decided to go through Oxford Seminars was of their great reputation for their certificate program and the excellent placement service that they had to offer for graduates...

One-Year Teaching Contract in Cheonan, South Korea

- N.E., Vancouver, BC

"I’ll admit right off the bat that I was wary and unsure of how to approach searching for jobs overseas, as the vast quantity of them was simply overwhelming. Thankfully, with the help of Oxford Seminars and its placement program, the whole process was really streamlined. My Job Search Advisors did a lot of the work on their end, and I was soon buried under an avalanche of phone and Skype interviews. Eventually, I decided upon a school in South Korea. After two interviews, a video resume, and a careful...

A Cultivation of Inner Strengths

- J.A., St. Simon, NB

"I have been preparing myself since September of 2009 to go abroad and teach English. I got my Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate on October 4th but still felt unready to take the challenge of going abroad. I waited and procrastinated until the month of March. Then I took the advice of my friend and contacted the Graduate Placement Service from Oxford Seminars. When I asked my Job Search Advisor to help me out, she immediately replied within a day, to me telling me every step...

Seoul Seafood Options Amaze Pescatarian

- S.B., Ottawa, ON

"My name is Shayna Brissett-Foster and in April of 2019, I finally flew out to South Korea. I’m Caribbean-Canadian, originally from Ontario, Canada now living in Seoul!! Crazy. I completed the Oxford Seminars course in Fall 2017 during my final year of university. The course provided a lot of material to aid in lesson planning and even covered classroom management! Luckily enough for me, my Hagwon in Gangnam, Seoul has the curriculum pre-selected, however, it’s always better to be well equipped...

Making a Great Living in Oman

- S.B., Mississauga, ON

"I took the Oxford Seminars course over the summer, and within one month of completing the course, I had an opportunity to work in Oman, located in a region I have always wanted to experience. I am employed at a college, I am making a great living, and experiencing something I never would have thought possible!"

Job Placement Comes Through Again After 8 Years!

- L.F., Lethbridge, AB

"I am so grateful that I found Oxford Seminars 8 years ago! At that time I was only 19 years old, unsure of what I wanted to study in University and interested in travelling! I was the youngest student in the class and the experience was intimidating but exciting all at the same time. It also turned out to be the greatest decision I made! I had never imagined myself moving to China at the age of 20 but without a University degree and with my young age, it was amazing to find a secure position...

Surpassing Expectations in Ecuador

- J.H., Avonlea, SK

"My experience in Quito has met and surpassed my expectations. I teach ESL at Inlingua, a Swiss-based company with offices in over 45 countries. The program is clearly laid out but still allows enough flexibility to adapt if time permits. Most of my students work in international companies where fluency in English is a definite advantage. They are extremely motivated...

Discovering the World of Georgia

- R.B., Scarborough, ON

"Hello fellow Oxford Seminars graduates! Congratulations on obtaining your TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate! You've gone a long way to get where you are, so take a moment to be proud of yourself. I am 22 years old and I graduated with Oxford in June 2011, with Sujoy Gupta as my instructor. As soon as I graduated I started my Graduate Placement Service, in which I got to review country and school profiles, as well as receive help from the professional staff of Oxford's Graduate Placement Service. My advisor Rowan was very...

Treated Like a Rock Star

- K.H., San Antonio, USA

"I wonder if it is going to be difficult for me to adjust to being just an average person on the street back home after being treated like a Rock Star here in China! I bet strangers won't be stopping me on the streets of San Antonio asking to have their picture taken with me! Thanks Oxford Seminars for all your help."

Retired Teacher from Cape Breton

- D.P., Halifax, NS

"I am a retired teacher from Cape Breton and Halifax, NS. I am just completing my first year of teaching in the Nova Scotia Overseas program in the city of Zhengzhou, China. I am teaching the Nova Scotia grade eleven English curriculum to Chinese teenagers in an English immersion high school program. There are almost 10,000 students in the school in which I am teaching. There are about 500 students in the immersion program, with an average of 33 students per class. The goal of the students is to obtain a diploma in English in order to gain entrance...

Having the Time of My Life

- C.D., Oakville, ON

"Thank you again for helping to place me in Qingdao, China. My first year as a Foreign English Teacher has been one of the best years of my life! I love Qingdao, my school, and most of all the children I am teaching. The children are from three to six years old. They are so smart and cute! I am now teaching classes in the whole school, as the second English teacher left for Canada at the end of January. I am also placed in the International Class full time. I am extremely busy with...

Adventures, Memories, Giggles, and Tears

- J.G., Calgary, AB

"The training I received from Oxford Seminars was deep with insight and the help that the Graduate Placement Service provided was vital to me obtaining my teaching position in China. I taught absolute beginners as well as adult students and I loved every minute! The experience of teaching abroad was packed with great adventures and memories hard to put into words. The exposure to such a great culture and the people marks you for the rest of your life. Of course teaching is a challenge, but it is perhaps the most rewarding...

Perfect Balance of Work and Play in Costa Rica

- C.S., Astoria, USA

"Teaching in Costa Rica is a blast. The experience of living and teaching abroad has not only allowed me to mature professionally, but I have a newly found appreciation of life. Being immersed in another culture is fascinating, not to mention learning a new language. Teaching in Costa Rica offers the perfect balance of work and play. From the classroom to the beaches, my fellow teachers and I get the best of both worlds. My company's academic director is amazing. I am in awe at how well he is able to make us feel at home...

Enjoying the Culture and People of Tunisia

- A.R., Waterloo, ON

"I signed up with Oxford Seminars and experienced what it would be like to teach English as a second language to foreign students. The in-class experience was remarkably positive, and from that point on, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My skills and style as a teacher today derive from that very first class in which I practiced teaching under the supervision of John Taylor...

Landing a Coveted Dream Job in Japan

- S.A., Calgary, AB

"Oxford Seminars has been an integral part of my success as an English teacher. After I completed the program, Oxford helped me secure a job within three months! Thanks to my Job Search Advisor’s advice and commitment, I found my dream job in Japan! Not only that, but the company I work for has a reputation for being the best English school in Japan. Without Oxford's guidance, I may not have been so fortunate as to land this coveted position. At the school, the students...

Absolutely No Regrets

- G.C., Toronto, ON

"My name is Gary and I graduated from the Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL certification course with my sights set on travelling to Korea. I now work at a reputable language institute, teaching adults, in the city of Daegu. The school treats me quite well and the other teachers and staff are very happy. The adult students I teach are eager to learn the English language. They love the slang, expressions, and normal everyday language. I teach early in the mornings and evenings to accommodate their university and work schedules. Many of my students are working professionals, from project...

Beginning a New Life in Japan

- J.K., Saskatoon, SK

"The adventure began a couple of years ago when my boyfriend and I, armed with the knowledge we gained from Oxford Seminars, made our way to Japan where we began a new life. We work for a large English conversation school where we have the opportunity to teach students of all ages from as young as 4 years old right up to 75. We teach English over a multi-media system, which allows us to talk to students from all over Japan. As a couple, our employer has been accommodating by giving us identical schedules and granting our time off requests for travel. We have...

Teaching ESL is for Young and Old Alike

- P.S., Antigonish, NS

"The school that Oxford presented me with has been just outstanding in accommodating their foreign experts, and I am extremely happy with taking on this adventure. I am very thankful for this opportunity of a lifetime and without a doubt Oxford has made it all possible. At the drop of a hat I would recommend teaching English as a foreign language to anyone, young and old alike."

Dreams Realized in Liuyang, Hunan

- J.K., Halifax, NS

"My wife and I began this adventure because of our desire to travel and see the world. Teaching English overseas seemed the best way for us to realize our dream and still be able to support ourselves. China was one of the countries near the top of our long list of places whose culture we were eager to experience. This being the case, for us it was the perfect place for us to begin our adventure...

Two-Month Teaching Contract in Mexico

- K.F., Boca Raton, FL

"I decided to go teach in Mexico. I liked the fact that I could commit to a very short term of two months, although most teachers go for a longer period. I was surprised by how large and immaculate the school was. The staff is very informal and the fellow teachers are polite and friendly. We write up our lesson plans via a program curriculum, however we have flexibility to be creative with our own ideas. I chose to live in a three story house with my own room. I live with a very nice Mexican family...

Job Placement Made Teaching Abroad Easy and Accessible

- J.H., Edmonton, AB

My husband and I decided last year we wanted to experience life in a foreign country. We wanted to learn a different language, try new foods and experience another culture. After a friend told me about her experience with Oxford Seminars, I looked into their class availability. After attending an information session, we decided to sign up and within the month we had our TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificates...

Nothing Short of Amazing

- F.S., Hamilton, ON

"I wish to thank all of you very much for your able assistance in helping me to get this teaching placement in Baoding, China. My recruiter and all of the administration and faculty at the college I am teaching at have been outstanding in their efforts to make me feel welcome and comfortable. My experience thus far has been nothing short of amazing. The students (18 - 23) are very enthusiastic and eager to learn English. Again, thank you all for your outstanding efforts and professionalism."

A Journey of Self-Discovery in Changchun, China

- J.L., Amherst, NS

"I had an opportunity to teach abroad in Changchun, China for WECI/V-Future in Jilin Province. The only word to sum up my experience living and working abroad is “amazing”. Finding employment abroad was easy because of the job placement service Oxford Seminars provided upon completion of my TESL. I felt privileged to have an impact on the education of young kids and inspire my students to take a greater interest learning the English language. I enjoyed having the autonomy and flexibility teaching the required curriculum to my classes...