40-Hour Online Component

40-Hour Online Component

In our ongoing efforts to provide students with the most comprehensive TESOL/TESL certification course available for their valuable time and money, we have updated our course curriculum to now include a 40-hour online component to be completed after finishing the 60-hour in-class portion of the course.

The online component has been created as a direct result of specific student feedback, current instructors' observations, and overseas employer expectations.

Designed using sound pedagogical principles on the robust and reliable Moodle e-learning platform, the online component includes:

  • The Role of the Teacher
  • Applying Communicative Teaching Theory
  • Fundamentals of Language Acquisition
  • Creating Engaging and Educational Lesson Activities
  • Practicing Lesson and Unit Planning
  • Analysis of ESL Case Studies
  • Reviewing and Applying ESL Theories and Concepts
  • Comprehending Grammatical Structures
  • Common Grammatical Errors and Misconceptions
  • Teaching the Twelve Verb Tenses of English
  • Creative Grammar Activities to Stimulate Communication
  • Teaching Adverbs, Quantifiers, Gerunds, and Infinitives
  • Critical Evaluation of Grammar Lessons and Materials
  • Completion of a Randomly Generated 100 Question Assignment

The course materials that students receive in class will be needed to complete this online component. These materials include:

  • How to Teach English (w/DVD) by Jeremy Harmer
  • Oxford Seminars' TESOL/TESL Certification Course Training Manual
  • Focus on Grammar: An Integrated Skills Approach (w/CD), 3rd Edition by Marjorie Fuchs, Margaret Bonner and Miriam Westheimer

The goal of the online component is to, as always, increase the knowledge base and teaching skills of our students, ensuring that our graduates become well-trained, marketable ESL teachers.

Once students have successfully completed the three weekend in-class portion of the course, they will still be issued a 60-hour TESOL/TESL certificate. They will now also receive an upgraded 100-hour certificate upon completion of the additional 40-hour online component.

All students have up to 105 days from the last in-class day of the course to complete their online component.