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Oxford Seminars' graduates are among the most qualified and dedicated in the ESL teaching industry. Our TESOL/TESL Certification Course is a superior training program and many schools worldwide continue to hire our teachers because of their success and dedication to teaching.

Oxford Seminars is committed to the personal success of our graduates and we are continually seeking reputable and reliable teaching opportunities. We firmly believe that teaching English as a second language is a rewarding opportunity for students and teachers alike.

Benefits of Hiring an Oxford Seminars Graduate

We realize the importance of North American English accents for ESL learners and Oxford Seminars can offer you access to qualified ESL teachers with a variety of diverse backgrounds, education, and unique skills.

Your institution will work closely with Oxford Seminars' Graduates Placement Service who will provide you with ESL tailored cover letters and resumes for enthusiastic teachers seeking employment. We will speed up the application process by:

  • Working closely with our graduates to take care of the preparation work, typically done by recruiters, prior to sending their applications;
  • Filtering applications to ensure you receive qualified candidates that meet your requirements;
  • Ensuring that you receive the necessary documents;
  • Guaranteeing that all candidates are TESOL/TESL certified by Oxford Seminars.

“Oxford Seminars has a great reputation in the ESL community and we are happy to work with a partner such as Oxford Seminars.”

– Jason, Recruiter in Korea

More About the Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL Certification Course

The Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL Certification Course is highly regarded amongst ESL training institutions worldwide as a quality training program, superior to other training programs in many ways. Graduates of Oxford Seminars have been exposed to all of the theoretical and practical techniques required to be a successful ESL teacher. Through our interactive curriculum students have the opportunity to apply their skills and demonstrate their enthusiasm and work ethic.

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