FAQ: Do I Need To Bring Teaching Resources?
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FAQ: What to Expect from Your School

Will there be resources?

Will there be a curriculum?

What are the usual class sizes?

What age groups will I be teaching?

Will I have to team teach?

Will there be a native speaker in the classroom?

Will I have to sing and dance?

How many hours a week am I expected to work?

Is there a dress code?

Will I be observed?

Do I need to bring teaching resources?

What if my students do not speak English at all?

Do I need to bring teaching resources?

  • It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. Many ESL classes will have the traditional blackboard/whiteboard with few extra resources, while other, more advanced schools will have CALL Labs (Computer Assisted Language Learning), Internet resources, online collaboration, and other technological tools. Most schools will fall somewhere in between. It is best to prepare by asking other current ESL teachers within the organization as to what type of resources are available and what is lacking.
  • We recommend that you bring:
    • A reliable grammar source book and other resource information, as some overseas schools do not have adequate resource libraries or Internet access.
    • Current cultural information about your home country. Many overseas students wish to know more about Canadian lifestyles and culture. This could include: music, magazines, books, newspaper articles, information about holidays, etc.
    • A teacher’s box. This could include: stickers, markers, cards, dice, small currency (coins from another country are always interesting to children), etc.