FAQ: Will There Be a Native Speaker in the Classroom?
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Will there be resources?

Will there be a curriculum?

What are the usual class sizes?

What age groups will I be teaching?

Will I have to team teach?

Will there be a native speaker in the classroom?

Will I have to sing and dance?

How many hours a week am I expected to work?

Is there a dress code?

Will I be observed?

Do I need to bring teaching resources?

What if my students do not speak English at all?

Will there be a native speaker in the classroom?

  • If you are working with young children at a beginner level, there will often be a native speaker in the classroom. If there is not, then there will be a native speaker nearby.
  • In most Asian countries, foreign teachers are assigned a bilingual ‘secretary.’ These people will help you with any problems that might arise.
  • Most schools prefer you not to speak the language of the country, and thus, you will need to learn to communicate with miming, pictures, and expressions.
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