FAQ: Will There Be a Curriculum?

FAQ: What to Expect from Your School

Will there be resources?

Will there be a curriculum?

What are the usual class sizes?

What age groups will I be teaching?

Will I have to team teach?

Will there be a native speaker in the classroom?

Will I have to sing and dance?

How many hours a week am I expected to work?

Is there a dress code?

Will I be observed?

Do I need to bring teaching resources?

What if my students do not speak English at all?

Will there be a curriculum?

  • Your school should provide you with a curriculum.
  • More established schools and chain schools will definitely provide you with a curriculum and sometimes even daily lesson plans.
  • Newer and smaller schools will be more apt to change their curriculum. As you grow more confident in your role as a teacher, you may be asked to revamp or recreate the curriculum. This could be a great opportunity to expand your skills base.