FAQ: Can I Bring My Pets?

FAQ: Travelling with Companions

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Can I bring my pets?

I want to teach and travel with my friend/partner. Can we share an apartment?

Can I bring my pets?

  • You can bring your pets if you like, but there are several things to consider before you make this decision.
    • Your pet should be up-to-date with all shots and vaccinations. Research which vaccinations are necessary for the country in which you are considering working.
    • Depending on the country you are going to, your pet might need an import permit (even for transfers). Check out the requirements of both the local government and the airline that will be importing your pet.
    • Flying with an animal can be very expensive for you and stressful for the pet. Depending on the airline you might not be able to see your pet for the duration of the trip.
    • In general, and with the exception of certified service dogs, pets will most likely have to travel in the cargo compartment.
    • Most countries will require a period of quarantine. In Taiwan your pet will have to stay quarantined for 25 days. In Japan, the quarantine period is 40 days.
  • Some schools are unwilling to accommodate teachers with pets, especially in the case of a large dog. Be sure to communicate your desire/intention to take your pet with you before signing a contract.
  • Contact the embassy of the country to which you are travelling and any country you might be transferring in for more information about bringing your pet overseas.