FAQ: Can I Bring My Family?
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Can I bring my family?

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I want to teach and travel with my friend/partner. Can we share an apartment?

Can I bring my family?

  • You can, of course, bring your family with you overseas, but there are things to consider before you do:
    • If your contract includes accommodations, it is probably based on the assumption of single occupancy. You should discuss this with your school’s director. Most likely your school will help you and your family find suitable accommodations, even if they will not pay for them. Depending on the school and the country, they may grant you a stipend to put towards rent.
    • If your children need to attend school while you are abroad, you should look into the cost and location of schools prior to your departure. The Council of International Schools will give you information about schools in your destination city.
    • In most large cities you will be able to enroll your child into a local bilingual day care. You may also be able to hire a nanny when you arrive. Again, these are questions you will want to ask your contact before arriving.
    • Generally your spouse will not be able to work legally, unless he/she also obtains a working visa.
    • Bringing your family overseas with you is a great opportunity for you and your family to see the world. This could be an especially good opportunity for children to learn another language and culture.