FAQ: I Am Not a Native Speaker. Can I Still Teach ESL?

FAQ: Locating Employment Abroad

How does Oxford Seminars' Job Placement Service work?

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How specific can my location choice be?

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I want to teach in the European Union (EU). Do I need an EU passport?

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Will my age affect my ability to be placed?

I am not a native speaker. Can I still teach ESL?

I do not have a university degree. Will this affect finding a teaching position abroad?

When do overseas schools usually hire?

I have a criminal record; will this affect my ability to be placed overseas?

I am not a native speaker. Can I still teach ESL?

  • While many non-native English speakers have successfully completed Oxford Seminars' course and have found placement abroad, most find their first ESL teaching position in their country of origin. With the benefit of this initial experience, many are able to find subsequent employment in other countries.
  • Your ability to find work outside of your home country will often depend upon the competition for the position that you are pursuing. School directors usually prefer to hire native English speakers rather than non-native English speakers, regardless of experience.
  • It is important to keep in mind that in order to qualify for the working visa in many countries, you must be a native English speaker and a citizen of an English-speaking country.