FAQ: When Do Overseas Schools Usually Hire?
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When do overseas schools usually hire?

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When do overseas schools usually hire?

  • A large number of overseas private language schools hire teachers on an as-needed basis any time of the year. Often, they are willing to hire you immediately to replace a teacher who has just left or a teacher who is about to complete their contract. Most of these contracts are for a minimum of one year. Our Job Placement Service has numerous job openings year-round and assists our graduates in finding teaching positions every month of the year.
  • Private language schools which run summer programs tend to hire in the late spring which is ideal for university students looking to work right away. Many summer camps only last a few months and thus involve short-term contracts between May and August.
  • Government programs such as JET (Japan), EPIK (Korea) and NET SCHEME (Hong Kong) hire a few months before the academic year starts. Keep in mind that public schools, colleges and universities generally begin in September (Northern Hemisphere) and in March (Southern Hemisphere).