FAQ: Will My Age Affect My Ability to Be Placed?

FAQ: Locating Employment Abroad

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How specific can my location choice be?

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Will my age affect my ability to be placed?

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I do not have a university degree. Will this affect finding a teaching position abroad?

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I have a criminal record; will this affect my ability to be placed overseas?

Will my age affect my ability to be placed?

  • Oxford Seminars has successfully trained thousands of graduates of all ages and the Job Placement Service works diligently on every graduate's behalf to find them suitable placements.
  • If you are a mature teacher, it is best to research the retirement age in your countries of choice to ensure that you are eligible to work there. You may be required to purchase your own medical or travel insurance and most positions will require a current medical examination. While many of Oxford Seminars' mature graduates have found their life experience and past work experience to be an asset when searching for a position, age (especially for those over 55) will affect your ability to be hired.
  • Online forums and blogs are often great sources of information and can be found easily by conducting an online search