FAQ: I Want to Teach in the European Union (EU). Do I Need an EU Passport?

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I want to teach in the European Union (EU). Do I need an EU passport?

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I want to teach in the European Union (EU). Do I need an EU passport?

  • In order to work legally within the European Union, as in any country, you will need a work visa, unless you possess a valid EU passport.
  • It is possible to get a working visa in the EU without an EU passport; however, the process is difficult and expensive for the schools. Few schools are willing to go through this process and many are not comfortable with hiring teachers who are applying from overseas. Some EU countries will hire ESL teachers without EU passports; however, you will likely be working “under the table”; illegally, on a tourist visa.
  • It is worthwhile to see if you are eligible to obtain a Working Holiday Visa. Please consult your nearest Embassy or Consulate for more information.