FAQ: How Does Oxford Seminars Job Placement Service Work?
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FAQ: Locating Employment Abroad

How does Oxford Seminars' Job Placement Service work?

What does the Oxford Seminars Job Placement Service include?

How specific can my location choice be?

In which countries does the Graduate Placement Service have contacts?

I want to teach in the European Union (EU). Do I need an EU passport?

What is the easiest way to start teaching in the European Union (EU)?

What counts as teaching experience?

Will my age affect my ability to be placed?

I am not a native speaker. Can I still teach ESL?

I do not have a university degree. Will this affect finding a teaching position abroad?

When do overseas schools usually hire?

I have a criminal record; will this affect my ability to be placed overseas?

How does Oxford Seminars' Job Placement Service work?

  • The Oxford Seminars' Job Placement Service provides free job search assistance anytime after you have completed the course.
  • We have developed and maintained partnerships with reputable organizations and schools abroad to provide our graduates with access to employment opportunities worldwide.
  • You will receive an email detailing how to access your service. The Job Placement Service helps our graduates in the following ways:
    • Connecting them with reputable schools and recruiters abroad
    • Providing tips on negotiating contracts, and how to recognize a great contract offer
    • Assisting graduates in creating an ESL specific resume and cover letter
    • Providing valuable job market information
    • Informing graduates about important steps to take before going abroad
  • The key to a successful placement is knowing what is best for you based on your personal interests, finances, education, travel expenses, and of course, the job market. This means you should determine your needs and conduct some preliminary research to ensure that your education and experience is relevant to the market in which you wish to teach.