FAQ: What Is the Cost of Living for Most ESL Teachers?
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FAQ: Life Abroad

Will there be other foreigners at my school?

Will I be able to eat "Western" food?

I am a vegan/vegetarian. Will my diet be a concern?

Can I drink the tap water abroad?

Does my country of choice have suitable health facilities (i.e., modern hospitals, English speaking doctors and dentists…)?

Can I get my own apartment?

What is the cost of living for most ESL teachers?

Will I have access to transportation?

Do I need to know the native language of the country that I am travelling to?

I am a woman travelling alone. What measures can I take to ensure that I have a safe and enjoyable experience while teaching abroad?

What is the cost of living for most ESL teachers?

  • Most overseas teachers are paid generously for the country in which they are working. Often, ESL teachers are paid three to five times more than local teachers.
  • The cost of living depends upon your lifestyle. How much entertainment do you need? Do you cook at home or prefer to eat out? Do you plan to travel on every vacation/holiday/weekend, etc?
  • Depending on how you choose to live and the expenses you have at home (i.e., student loans), you should be able to afford a nice apartment and a good lifestyle. Depending on the country you are in, there is an opportunity to put away some money as well.
  • For more information, visit our Country Information section, where we have included estimates on how much a teacher may be able to save per year, based on typical costs of living in that location.