FAQ: How Will Access to the Directory Help Me Get a Job?

FAQ: Global ESL Schools Directory

What is the Global ESL Schools Directory?

How does the Directory work?

Is the information in the Directory up to date?

Are the schools in the Directory prescreened by and affiliated with Oxford Seminars?

Will my Job Placement Advisor help me apply to the schools listed in the Directory?

Are there specific teaching positions listed in the Directory?

Does access to the Directory guarantee me a job?

How will access to the Directory help me get a job?

How long will I have access to the Directory?

How do I get my password?

Can I still use my Directory account after receiving the "Schools Viewed Limit Exceeded" error message?

What is the difference between the information in the Directory and Country Information?

How will access to the Directory help me get a job?

  • The Global ESL Schools Directory will provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date contact information for ESL schools around the world. Utilize your access to the Directory to obtain information about schools in your desired countries; this will make the application process smoother for graduates seeking positions on their own. As well, graduates can view a school’s website or qualifications to ensure that they meet the requirements for teachers at a particular location.