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Notice of Changes to the LSAT
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Notice of Changes to the LSAT:

As of the June 2007 LSAT, test-takers were introduced to a variant of reading comprehension, called "comparative reading". as one of the four passage and questions sets in the LSAT reading comprehension section. In general, comparative reading questions are similar to traditional reading comprehension questions. However, there is one significant difference: instead of being based on one longer passage, comparative reading questions are based on two shorter passages.

The two passages together are of roughly the same length as one reading comprehension passage, so the total amount of reading in the overall reading comprehension section has essentially remained the same. A few of the questions that follow a comparative reading passage pair concern only one of the two passages, but most questions are about both passages and how they relate to each other.

Also, as of the June 2007 LSAT, test-takers are no longer randomly assigned one of two different kinds of writing sample — decision prompt or argument prompt. All test-takers are now assigned a decision prompt. More information about comparative reading passages and the changes to the writing sample are included in our 30-hour and 48-hour LSAT preparation courses.